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Drought Wins Out Over Big Jar

26 Jul

We have major heat and drought here in Central Texas. I cannot justify running my Big Indigo Jar this year due to the looming water restraints. Although the 110 gallons lasts all summer there is also the rinsing with water. That’s water that is needed elsewhere. We are on well & rainwater, both are limited resources this year. I am sad to not be using this 100° heat this summer but it has been relentless, starting in early May and cranking up to 104°+ in June. Major heat that high usually does not start till July. Prep was physically uncomfortable without a rainy break to cool things down. Did I mention we are in an exceptional drought as opposed to an extreme drought? I can’t even remember how many days we’ve broken 100° but it has been at least more than 20, with no rain, Stupid Hot.

So, I have spent spring pulling my indigo mud out of my jar and vinegar washing it to clear the calcium carbonate. To add insult to injury we only had 3 days of 100+ temp last year. Last year’s clean mud was ready to mix with fresh indigo from Stony Creek Colors and Botanical colors. Fructose and Calcium Hydroxide were at the ready as well but will hold till next year. So, I am setting aside the store bought indigo and drying my mud for storage for next year. My Dudas filters work well for mud drying as well as washing with vinegar.

My alternative this year is to turn to wax batik and silk painting with pigments and dye. It will definitely be cooler and another skill to practice. I have different tools to use for wax application. I need the practice. And it will be indoors, with AC!

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