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Texas ball moss leno

25 Aug

Here’s my sample scarf testing the material sett for weaving a larger shawl with my cotton/polyester dyed with Texas Ball Moss.


Lichen scarf earns fair ribbon

19 Aug

Yahoo! Lichen scarf wins Crafts & Hobbies category in Blanco County Fair. Warp is Texas Parmotrema Austrosinese (unwhiskered ruffle lichen) soaked in alcohol. Weft is same lichen simmered in water.


No black yet

18 Aug

Well, I got some nice tannin golds from the persimmon. I used a bit of iron with one skein. They are displayed on top of a southern Lao cotton blanket. These skeins are destined to be over dyed with drought lichen to see what other color combinations lurk here in my valley.


Going for brown or black!

18 Aug

Here’s the preliminary silk color on the right from the search for persimmon black. Can it happen?



Soaking persimmons so they can be crushed


Fermenting persimmons for the color


Colors on silk blank and on silk yarn skein, worth the ferment!


Persimmon Gold

4 Aug

Here’s the latest dye experiment with Texas Persimmons. This was the fermentation dip method.


Starting anew on Word Press

3 Aug

Hi folks, I’ve jumped again to another blog format….for weaving sake here is one of my latest commissions. ┬áIt was designed to go above a fireplace and I think the limestone wall shows off the many colors of the mohair.

Hello world! Working on figuring Word Press blog out!

3 Aug

More dye photos and fabric on the loom soon!

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