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10 day difference for Japanese Indigo seedlings

30 Mar

10 days & temperature increases and sunshine made a big difference. March 17th I planted my Japanese Indigo seeds, by the 27th I had sprouts! I ordered the wrong seed tray. Duh, but seeds planted in new tray sprouted sooner than my old method. I am smarter now despite myself. Next up I will plant my Indigofera Suffruticosa seeds. I’ll throw Cota and Hopi Sunflowers into the mix this year also. Maybe I can beat the birds to the seeds for dye this year.

I am still on bud watch on my older Suffruticosa plants. Will the 3 year old plants live longer? Did the freeze this January take the younger plants out? The drama of gardening continues.

Plus the Texas Persimmon is budding and blooming. Before I know it I will be out picking persimmons in July for the dye.

Hopi Sunflower Seed Color

7 Sep

Here is the Hopi Sunflower color. From left to right: sunflower seed simmered and held overnight to soak, strained and silk added, middle skein is Hopi sunflower with iron, third skein is exhaust dyebath. All silk skeins are mordanted in alum sulfate.


It is now August 25, 2020. Here is a photo of the same skein shown which has been resting quietly waiting to be woven. It still holds color and has shifted a bit grey but the purple still holds. It has not been out in the sun or subject to washing or pH changes.

Hopi Sunflower Seed

1 Sep

Prepping the seed and flowerheads for the dyepot.


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