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Life Interrupted By Dementia

2 Dec

I don’t post my finished product much to this blog. I tend to focus on “the process” but here is an exception. Much gratitude to Linda Haddock at EchoInJohnsonCity for her generosity in creating a salute to Dementia Awareness Month. My natural dye block woven rug which she purchased via the Hill Country Science Mill Auction is featured in her store.

A brief tour of the Echo Art Front Board

2014 Agarita article I just found – guess who is mentioned?

5 Sep

2014 Texa Parks & Wildlife agarita article I just found – guess who is mentioned?  The root gives the best color when it is chopped or ground.  Lots of elbow grease, to get the root out of the ground and chop it!  Click here for the web article from Texas Parks and Wildlife!

PDF copy is here…. Flora Fact: Agarita|April 2014| TPW magazine  same as above

Photo below is various oak leaves, oak bark, acorns, persimmon and agarita.  Agarita is on the far right!


My old blog post on agarita is here  and the photos are here  Sigh, sooner or later I WILL consolidate the two blogs!

Greens – over or under

2 Sep

Here are examples of over dyeing and under dyeing with indigo. As I experiment with agarita, weld, cota and persimmon yellows it is fascinating to see the impact of the order color is laid on a yarn as one goes for green. Here are the resulting greens from my valley. My camera might not have captured all the green tones but they are there!


Now here are the different components. Where appropriate I have laid the yellow in the middle and placed the indigo overdyed above the yellow and the yellow over the indigo below the skein. It made quite a difference in green in how one does the color layers.


Finally here is the persimmon series. In this case I used blender indigo over the cold persimmon dip. I like that color layering better than using persimmon over indigo. It is more pleasing to my eye. The different substrates or yarns also took the dyes in different depths and yielded different tones.


All in all a successful color journey in figuring out greens available to me in my valley!

Persimmon, Oak Bark & Agarita Root

14 Jul

The dye skeins are drying before I wash them, this will let the dye bond strengthen. Oak bark with 3 different modifiers on the left. Fresh persimmon in the middle and agarita with two different modifiers on the right. A nice collection of neutrals to over dye or use to push a brighter color in the warp.

One of those agarita skeins is bound for the fresh indigo pot today to see how the green looks with indigo over the agarita yellow.


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