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Reviewing presentation – Warp puddles

28 May

As I continue my presentation and prop review for my talks next week at the Contemporary Handweavers of Texas I giggle with delight at some of the tricks the Cambodian warping family taught me on Koh Dach Island. ┬áHere is one of my favorites, the warping puddle of fine silk in preparation for winding onto the back beam…..

This is one of the clips from my Cambodian Textile Tools talk…..not only tools but the relationship between the weaver and their equipment.


New blog on SE Asian looms

1 Aug

Hi guys, just sharing with you a new blog, Simplelooms, focusing on my travels in Southeast Asia and recapping the different looms, the tools and the relationship of the pattern device to the weaver. Those of you familiar with my blog in the early 2000’s will remember I lost a lot of organized teaching information when Apple discontinued

I’m smarter now (I hope) and will rebuild that resource with my photos and videos. It will be slow but it will come! I will continue my dye blog and will keep the SE Asian blog separate. Enjoy this first installment!

Regards Deb McClintock

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