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Reviewing presentation – Warp puddles

28 May

As I continue my presentation and prop review for my talks next week at the Contemporary Handweavers of Texas I giggle with delight at some of the tricks the Cambodian warping family taught me on Koh Dach Island.  Here is one of my favorites, the warping puddle of fine silk in preparation for winding onto the back beam…..

This is one of the clips from my Cambodian Textile Tools talk…..not only tools but the relationship between the weaver and their equipment.


New blog on SE Asian looms

1 Aug

Hi guys, just sharing with you a new blog, Simplelooms, focusing on my travels in Southeast Asia and recapping the different looms, the tools and the relationship of the pattern device to the weaver. Those of you familiar with my blog in the early 2000’s will remember I lost a lot of organized teaching information when Apple discontinued

I’m smarter now (I hope) and will rebuild that resource with my photos and videos. It will be slow but it will come! I will continue my dye blog and will keep the SE Asian blog separate. Enjoy this first installment!

Regards Deb McClintock

My Lecture at Textile Museum

11 Jun

I am sharing the news of my lecture at the Textile Museum on July 18th in Washington DC.

lecture details

Some of you have seen my lectures on the Lao, Cambodian and other looms in the Southeast Asia region via Complex Weavers or thru a weaving guild presentation.

I give full credit to the folks on this side of the ocean that taught me to weave and gave me the opportunity to teach, the weavers on the other side of the ocean in Southeast Asia that proudly showed me how they wove and the anthropologists that patiently assisted along the journey’s way to understand the cultures around the loom.

I am happy to have been given the opportunity to explain how these exquisite cloths are created by traditional and contemporary weavers on very simple looms from the weavers’ point of view. If you cannot make it, please mark your calendar on July 18th and send me calming thoughts! Please pass the word to any whom you may think would be interested in this lecture.

Regards Deb McClintock, Independent Scholar & Weaver

Looms of Southeast Asia – Nov 8th in San Antonio

5 Nov

Hi guys, I thought I’d let folks know that I will be presenting a program on the Looms of Southeast Asia at the San Antonio Guild Meeting at 9:30am. The guild starts at 9:30 am with coffee and a short business meeting and I am up after the business meeting.  I hope to see some of you there!   Very few people teach this subject and I am glad to teach it here in Texas.

Here is the guild webpage:

Program:  Travel with Deb to Southeast Asia and learn about the simple looms used to create intricate patterns. We’ll compare loom mechanisms and their differences in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Burma. We’ll also look at how reeds are handmade to order. Towards the end of the seminar, those who are interested will learn about making heddles by hand. Deb will have sample textiles and tools for you to touch and look at.

Check out an earlier blog entry for other travel info

Directions:  The guild meets at Colonial Hills United Methodist Church in a room over their Child Development Center.  URL for a Mapquest map is below.  Basically, get to the northwest segment of Loop 410, exit Vance Jackson, go north a short way past a largish intersection at Callaghan, and the campus will be on your left, and what you see from the street will probably look deserted.  At the far left of the campus there is a drive going past a couple of yellow and green recycling bins to the back side of the buildings.  You will find plenty of life back there.  We will have a hostess at the door.

map link is
The street address of the church is Colonial Hills United Methodist Church, 5247 Vance Jackson Rd, San Antonio, TX 78230

Regards  Deb McClintockImage

Vietnam side trip – weaving!

8 Jul

Ribbon yardage before cutting – Photo by Serena Harrigan – Textile Odyssey

Let’s swing over to Vietnam for a moment and take a break from the dye pot.  In January 2012 I visited northern Vietnam with Textile Odyssey Tours.   The looms, the people and the colorful ethnic clothing were fabulous.  I’ve posted some info in my trip journal.  Take a moment and glance at the simple looms used to create these colorful textiles.  Above are the Lo or Lao people showing me their yardage of ribbons.  The white stripes are the dividing lines that are used to cut the ribbons apart for placement in their skirts and jackets.  Enjoy!

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