Plumbing Leak and Indigo Fructose Pot

20 Aug

Maiwa has the best blog. They are blogging about the indigo fructose pot chemistry. One must read this series! Better color thru chemistry! I will add their other blogs as they go thru the process!

Maiwa’s blog about the organic indigo vat, the basics

The fruit vat building upon the above link

Organic Vat Recipes 3 variations

Ferrous Indigo vat for silk & cotton

In the meantime on the local dyefront, things have come to a full stop as we deal with a plumbing leak. This means moving things from the work area and covering everything with a plastic tarp to avoid drywall and plaster repair dust. And did I mention repainting? The water missed my AVL WDL by about 3 feet, it could have been much worse. Now it is just annoying!


One Response to “Plumbing Leak and Indigo Fructose Pot”

  1. mojoquilts August 20, 2013 at 2:44 pm #

    Aaargh. This is what is meant by life intervening. Glad it missed the AVL!!


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