Lichen Recap

28 Jul


I’ve had many questions on my lichen processing. Most of my skeins are mordanted with 12% wof of alum sulfate. sometimes I add 6% Cot.

Here is a recap from my old blog and some great reference links.

Collecting windfall-easiest to peel off branches on wet dew or rainy morning

My old blog, still transferring info slowly and surely with the recipes

My photos on my old blog with more process examples:

A nice article by Glenna Dean in the Turkey Red Journal on lichens. It was nice to meet her to get a scientific point of view on my lichen journey:

Finally a group collaboration led by Glenna Dean in comparing our process notes and working thru Glenna’s process in Turkey Red Journal. Most of us had worked with lichens before so there were some great conversations.

And an example of photo synthesis with a different lichen, Teloschistes Exilis


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  1. mazzaus July 29, 2013 at 1:59 am #

    Those skeins are so gorgeous! Thanks for these links.


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