Overdyeing with Blender Indigo

19 Aug

I have green samples of indigo overdyed with yellows but now I am trying indigo as the top color layer. The main experiment is overdyeing cold persimmon dips with some cota & lichen skeins thrown in. The cold dip persimmon (Texas Persimmon) appears below!

Hence the blender indigo as it doesn’t have the reduction chemicals and will impact the persimmon. Here are the wet skeins that are still changing over…definitely a different green when one flips the overdye. Will cure overnight and rinse tomorrow! The skein on the left is the lichen was a magenta.

These two recipes are my reference:

1.  I’ve used the recipe at the bottom of this web page several times and it works well!  I appreciate the time taken to write this up!




2.  Rowland Ricketts also just posted this recipe, I need to try the 2nd recipe with some of my cotton/linen fibers.  Rowland has an active indigo community on Facebook, look at http://indigrowingblue.com  to track down the link.

Once again, thank you for sharing!


These are silk scarf blanks that I dipped to pick up the extra blue leftover after my primary skeins!  Always have something extra just to pull the leftover color!  Can’t waste those leaves.


Persimmon – 2 dip Before the indigo



Look up category persimmon for more background on the Texas persimmon

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