No black yet

18 Aug

Well, I got some nice tannin golds from the persimmon. I used a bit of iron with one skein. They are displayed on top of a southern Lao cotton blanket. These skeins are destined to be over dyed with drought lichen to see what other color combinations lurk here in my valley.


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  1. Persimmon Recap (Diospyros texana) | debmcclintock - July 20, 2022

    […] I do filter and just dye with the liquid, just submerge yard or fabric in and circulate.  You will see color strike.  It is like an indigo or walnut bath, a substantive bath so no prep necessary.  You can experiment with overdyeing, mordant or afterbaths for other color variation. At this point I discard the fruit. […]


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